EQ GYM FPR (Fullest Potential Retreat)

What: A meditation retreat where you will learn the language of the subconscious mind, called  symbolism.
Why: Learn how to master your emotions. Detox from stress. Expand your consciousness (EQ) to find your full potential.
When: Sweden: August 5th-8th, Los Angeles: September 9th - 12th
Price: $3,500 (approx. 30,000 SEK)

What's included:
  • Dynamic group sessions helping you find your subconscious mind.
  • A private session with April.
  • Accommodation 4 days/3nights.
  • Full Nurturing Brain Food Program for 4 days.


Additional details:
When we introduce ourselves to someone, we call ourselves by one name such as “I am April”.  We see ourselves and our consciousness as a singularity. The problem is that consciousness is not unified, it is split.
Even though you have one body, within that body, you end up with multiple selves. The best way to picture this is to imagine that inside your body, you have a dysfunctional family. Two grown ups. A feminine source and a masculine source, an immature kid and an arrogant adolescent. Each one has its own identity, its own desires, needs, perspective, strengths, weaknesses and appearance.

The mistake we have made within society is to think that only some people suffer from what psychologists call ”Multiple personality disorder”. The reality is that all people do. Even though it should not be seen as a disorder. The question is… to what degree?

Inner peace simply means that your internal family starts to coexist harmoniously instead of being at war with each other. Shadow work is essentially techniques, practices and processes that make you aware of what is blind within you.
Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Inner Shamanic Journey Work, Freudian psychology, Art therapy, Play therapy, Acting Schools, Jungian psychology, Inner Child Work, Ego State Theory, Voice Dialogue and the list goes on and on of what this kind of work is called.
To learn more about our upcoming retreats please email us at help@theeqgym.com