EQ GYM Personal Program

Shadow work includes honoring emotions like anger, rage, fear, jealousy, greed, neediness and hatred and directly working with the wound that causes the emotions. The shadow is basically the injured part of us that we wish didn't exist. 

 For some people shadow work takes time. It can be a long journey of understanding, seeing and loving the rejected pieces of ourselves. The shadow also includes looking at our coping and defense mechanisms like victim mentality, codependency, and self sabotage. And the conscious and unconscious destructive behavior we have created to deal with pain. The shadow work demands bravery and courage and is critical to light work.  
When you are ready for this adventure into the heart, you will know. Our light work includes plant medicine with other spiritual and divine-feel-good modalities. Enjoy personalized wellness journeys, nourishing services, astral traveling, chakra balancing, and whatever is needed to activate your life force and Kundalini. 

 Light work feels like inner peace. It's not about a beautiful smile, it's about an internal being that sheds light and feels like the sun. You will also gain clarity around your intuition, path forward, non-duality and oneness.



We will look at your most activated triggers and repeating patterns (events and struggles manifested again and again in your life).


We will heal the original wound attached to it. 


We will deepen your understanding of your daily coping and defense mechanisms. 


We will activate your energy, life force, inspiration, and motivation.

We do this by

1. Shadow work- Analysis

1-4 sessions devoted to energy, triggers, coping, and defense mechanism analysis.  

2. Shadow Work - Release 

1-8 sessions of trauma and wound release (in person or virtual). With whichever trauma release modalities we see work best for you (e.g breath work, guided trauma release and more). 

3. Light Work - Receive

1-10 sessions including energy and heart activation to regain your vital force, to exercise receiving, and create new manifestation and healthy patterns (herbal consultation, spiritual guided meditation, chakra balancing, personal nutrition, Kundalini activation).  

4. Light Work - Result

1-4 sessions of super conscious therapy. Fully understanding 1-2 patterns, your coping mechanisms, triggers around this, what behaviors to change, and how.  

In Between Support 

Having cognitive behavior (CBT) support sessions through Messenger. Help with any questions on what to do when triggers come up, what to do when insecurities and fears arise about new choices, help to sort out what is what.   

One personal supporting meditation (recorded if you’d like, to access the teachings at a later stage). One recorded Plant Ceremony meditation and one recorded PTR ( Physical Tension Release) meditation. 


This work takes approximately 4-12 months, 4-26 sessions depending how deep and complex your wounds and beliefs are. Sometimes some wounds are hidden and unconscious, we are not aware of them, nor our behaviors. We might only feel a feeling of physical pain or loneliness etc. We will help you find and release the root (original wound) and the triggers and coping mechanism around it. You can feel in flow in your body and mind, and your conscious dream manifestation becomes reality.

 We are aware that we as human beings are complex, that we have many different wounds, and coping and defense mechanisms that are in conflict with each other. In this program and in the shadow work we are focusing on solving one wound, pattern, and defense mechanism at a time. Think about your shadow like a spider web. You have many different spider webs within you that overlap each other. Some people come to us that have done a lot of self discovery work and they might only have one active spider web they want to focus on. Some people come to us with no work on themselves and their spider web might be a little more complex to solve and will take some more time. Light work is for everyone. Some of us have never felt in harmony and peace, and with true self love. To access those feelings can take time or no time at all. It depends on how open and willing you are. We are happy to assist you wherever you are in your beautiful, never ending, self discovery journey. 

 4 - 26 sessions. $1000 - 5000 USD

Contact us at help@theeqgym.com to knnow more and to book.