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You’ve heard about gyms for your body... but what about for your mind & emotions?

The EQ GYM is an emotional, spiritual and energy intelligence training gym that will help you expand your mind's consciousness, release stored emotions and connect with your soul's purpose. It consists of our teacher's training and our coaching services.

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Healer: Explore Healing Opportunities

In six months you will hone in on analytical and intuitive skills to become your own healer.

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CLIENT: Discover Client Services

With our customized programs, prioritize your well-being with unlimited 1:1 coach support.

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The ability to sense and label your emotions, identify patterns and cycles and release the programming from the original wound.

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Cleanse yourself from other people's projections, master the law of harmony and manifestation, and release stagnant energy.

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Deepen your spiritual connection, elevate beyond physical realms, and learn how to work in alignment with nature.

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The EQ GYM facilitates a space that altered my entire existence. I. MEAN. IT. And of course, COMMUNITY. The collective feeling in the room we create together is magical, otherworldly, and so so so so healing... a feeling that I belong.

Sarah Snavely, Composer / Musician

Getting to experience April Wickström as a person and leader in the Master Classes has been the most amazing thing that happened to me as an individual, mother, partner and professional woman. Everything I learned, I was able to apply in my various roles and, as a result, has grown enormously in them. I wonder if April Wickström knows what huge tsunami waves she started. Wishing everyone to experience this inner journey and personal development.

Aida Chehrehgosha, Artist

For me, The EQ GYM is a mix of concrete research, knowledge building and spiritual deep diving. It's such a stress relief to let go. To get to know myself deeply, to begin to accept myself and, in turn, everything around me. I have found peace and security. Almost got rid of my fear of dying, which was very strong and tangible the first time we met.

Anso Lundin, Artist / Composer

April’s presence combined with her incredible knowledge created magic in the room. She leads at the same time as she is extremely responsive and creates cohesion and security in the group. She understood exactly what the group needed at every opportunity which made me dare to give in and trust the process.

Ellie Elmondt, Entrepreneur

I am so grateful to April, all the other participants and myself for staying, exploring and coming through on the other side.

Andrea Björk, Assortment Manager

I cried a lot. It was so strong and diffuse that I can't even remember what made me cry exactly. Maybe it was feeling safe among people I didn't know well. For me, it is important to convey to skeptics that it's not abstract and fuzzy in any sense, the contact with oneself is what creates security and tranquility.

Nasrin Iranfar, Lawyer

All of a sudden you find yourself to start tapping in the dark with a dozen others and it feels completely safe. The personal development and community is difficult to describe other than simply magical!

Sandra Andreis, Actress

This blew my mind away, literally. Amazed!

CJ Salvador, Dancer & Artist

April has an incredible amount of knowledge and is a fantastic leader. During the course I have gained so many “wow”-insights on how I work and learned to manage my emotions better. It was great fun doing it in a group! Sharing and developing together with others created a strong community for me.

Cissi Efraimsson, Musician & Artist

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