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Shiran is a practitioner, facilitator, and researcher of breath and consciousness from Israel. He is the founder of BREATHING JOURNEY, a method which combines Multi-dimensional breathing with mental, emotional and energetic processes.

Breathing is the most basic rhythm of life. Everything we experience is related to that basic rhythm, therefore using your breath consciously is the most important master-key to any transformational process you wish to go through.

Shiran is a leader of workshops, retreats and individual sessions worldwide, his strong loving presence, will help you to go through deep transformation and connect with your essence.

Having private spiritual consulting and breathing sessions with Shiran can be profound and life changing. Many of Shiran’s clients have reached significant understanding and have been able to change the way they live, feel and relate to themselves and others.

To have Shiran lead workshops and sessions is an honor for The EQ GYM. When it comes to using the body's own medicine, breathing. He is your guy! Try out his modified group online breathwork session for weekly self-healing. Or sign up for his in-person-retreat and you will change your view on life forever.

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