Solo Retreat In California

Our retreat includes nourishing food, Re-birth-bathing in a sacred river, plenty of sun, horses, Family Constellation-informed work, and somatic exercises. It's a holistic experience designed to replenish your mind, body, and spirit. 

You stay on a beautiful horse farm in a spiritual vortex, featuring your own bedroom and bathroom. With no neighbors nearby and ample land to wander around in.

 How we do it?
1. Book the Retreat
2. Intake Session: Share details about your challenges, past experiences, what has worked, what hasn't, and the support you seek.
3. Tailor-Made Program Creation: Includes a personalized nutrition plan and carefully planned healing program. 
Tailor-Made Program includes:
Co-regulation for the nervous system with nature.
Grounding exercises.
Soul-level healing and shifting family energetic dynamics.
Practical coaching.
Magic, sensuality, and feminine embodiment.
Trauma Informed - body oriented healing from illness and pain.
You will leave grounded, charged, connected to the land and yourself, elevated, and relieved.
After the retreat: We book follow-up integration sessions and CBT sessions if needed.