Become The Healer

Group Training Online:

This is an embodiment program designed to guide you into the body, deepening your listening skills, and understanding your external and internal energetic field. This program prepares you to delve deeper as a healer for yourself, your kids and family, or coach to your clients.

This live Zoom program consists of 20 sessions, 2 hours weekly over a 4-month period. We are only accepting 7 valued members in each group.

Group Training In Person:

Join us for a 7-day in-person training. Our in-person solo or group training is designed to deepen your understanding of your own energy field, fostering a stronger connection to yourself. Through our program, you'll clear your mind, body, and spirit. 

Sweden Dates: Töresbyn, Värmland County, Sweden, from June 13th to 19th, 2024.

Ojai, California Dates: November 1st-7th, January 3rd-January 9th. 

Upon leaving our retreat, you'll be filled with love and gifts from the transformative journey you've undertaken. We take pride in crafting tailored group dynamics, ensuring intimate gatherings with a maximum of 5 participants.

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