Become an Energy Practitioners

Training online.This 4 month program introduces five key modules in coaching and healing. Mastering these modules gives you a well-rounded understanding to help clients from all angles

Module 1 Coaching Vulnerability: Sessions 1-5

Discover the Art of Guiding

Guide to Emotions Beyond the Story

Understanding Language of the Subconscious Mind

Holding Space from a place of Structure and Energy 

 Module 2: Integrate Vulnerability - Transitioning from Mind to Body. Sessions 6-8.

Explore Various Brain Waves and Their Impact on the Healing.

Learn how to guide someone into the body and explore techniques for moving stuck energies within.

Module 3: Energy Informed Work - Listening to the Body. Sessions 9-11

Learn the Art of truly Connecting with the Body

Initiate a Dialogue with the Body

Understand and Practice The Dance of Call and Response in Energies.

Module 4: Trauma Informed Work - Programming and Wounds. Sessions 12-15

Learn how to Identify Trapped Emotions and Wounds in the Body

Understand your own Patterns and Programming.

Facilitate Emotional Release.

Module 5: Light Work - Sessions 16-20

Deepen and Practice Your Own Unique Healing Gifts. 

This live zoom program consists of 20 sessions, 2 hours weekly over a 4-month period. We are only accepting 8 valued members.  

Training In Person.

This in-person Energy Intelligence Retreat Training is designed to deepen your understanding of energy and light work.

7 days in-person training, Töresbyn Värmland County Sweden. June 13-19th. 2024.This retreat is designed for empaths—individuals deeply attuned and open to  energies and emotions around them. We'll guide you in trusting your openness and show you how to facilitate healing and emotional releases with it. Additionally, we will work on developing trust in your intuition and explore various energy healing modalities. 

This retreat goes beyond the online program and is ideal for those dedicated to personal and interpersonal growth, as it involves significant healing work done in collaboration with one another. You will leave filled with love and gifts. 

Online and the in-person retreat offers a holistic 160-unit training in emotional intelligence and energy intelligence.

At our retreat we pride ourselves on creating tailored group dynamics that are ideal for small groups consisting of max 9 participants.

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