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  • How Do You Know If You Are Depressed?

    How Do You Know If You Are Depressed? SADNESS. Tears are detox for the soul and the purest form of contact with yourself. Crying is cleansin...
  • Why Are You Annoyed?

      “Before I realized that frustration and anger actually are cover-ups for fear, Fear of being unimportant, meaningless, inadequate and unlove...
  • This Is Why You Are Not Happy

    How does shame affect us?  This article is about one of our ground (base) emotions that can be somewhat difficult to see and understand the ef...
  • What To Do With All Those Feelings?

    How do we stay with what is? All people in this world have something in common, guess what? Emotions! Studies and research show that from an ea...
  • How Toxic is Self-contempt for our Bodies?

    If you have any of the following behaviors, you have unconsciously or consciously worked to turn off your emotions or you have a resistance to ...
  • Do You Have A Wound Mate?

      Say for example that your dad was very passive with you growing up. That he didn’t take full responsibility in his role as a father. Maybe he w...
  • The EQ GYM is All About Expanding Your Conscious

    The EQ GYM is all about expanding your conscious. 
    Dig into your subconscious.
    Close your eyes and explore. It all starts here.

    Now, the question is: how can I activate these self-nurturing muscles? What do I do to get them working for me? Easy. We’ve got a set of simple techniques you can start with today. Our own formula combining transcendental meditation, trauma therapy, and self-hypnosis. Follow us daily, weekly, or monthly for more info about our techniques, online program, camps, and free meditations.   

    Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash.

  • How to Meet Emotions?

    How high is your EQ? And what the hell is EQ anyway?

    We go to school to boost our IQ. Intelligence quotient, that is. To equip us for the real, adult world. Math, grammar, writing, reading, science, economics, music, geography, history, languages, chemistry, biology. These things matter in our world. When it comes to feelings, school falls flat.