How do I book a class?

All classes are booked through our online scheduler. You will receive a Zoom link 2 hours before, as well as 5 minutes before the class starts. You can not book a class later than 15 minutes before the start of the class.

If you have any issues regarding your class please email the coach of the class: 

Shiran: energywash.shiran@gmail.com

Vanessa: vanessapaige2@gmail.com

April: april.wickstrom@theeqgym.com

I have purchased a membership plan. What do I do now?

Please create an account and log in each time you wish to book a class, so that your membership is being redeemed. Go to Book Your LIVE class to register for a class.

How do I create an account / log into an account?

Please go to the member icon in the menu bar or click here.

Can I change a class I've already registered for?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow any changes.

Can I change a membership plan?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow any changes.

How do I know what program is right for me?

We recommend that you start with a free meditation class. If you enjoyed it and felt some kind of release, we recommend you register for our The EQ GYM Personal Program, which has proven to be the most beneficial and groundbreaking program for self-growth. According to many participants, it’s an investment in yourself that is worth every penny.

How does the class take place?

All classes are offered via Zoom. Once you register for a class, we will send you an email with a link and all pertinent information.

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to take part in a class or program?

No, you do not need any prior experience. That said, we do recommend that you start with our free meditation class which is currently being offered every other Sunday. The class begins with a thorough introduction to the techniques.

What do I need for a meditation class?

For the deepest experience, we recommend that you use headphones and an eye mask (if you do not have an eye mask, you can fold up a t-shirt or towel and lay it over your eyes). Find a calm space where you will not be disturbed, preferably where you can lie down. Give yourself time after the class to review your experience.