Life Force Activation Immersion

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Join us for a weekend dedicated to the transmission of Kundalini and non duality energy.

 No prior experience is required; all you need is an open heart and the willingness to surrender. This is not Kundalini yoga. It's a unique blend of non-duality and Kundalini, harmonizing the divine feminine and masculine energies within you. During this immersion, you will transcend your mind and unlock your ability to embrace pleasure.

May 31st to June 2nd. Investment: Single weekend: 650 USD  

  Kundalini Activation Training 

For the wounded healer, the first step is to confront your own pain and darkness, ultimately leading to the discovery of your true self. Every genuine healer must undergo this process, emerging with the compassion and worldly wisdom needed to aid others.

The Kundalini Activation is a powerful tool that guides us in uncovering the hidden truths within ourselves, aligning us with our deepest energy flow. These three intensive days of transmission and activation are designed to immerse you in becoming a conductor/catalyst for the Lifeforce/Kundalini Energy. During our time together, we will work with both Kundalini energy and non-duality within the body, learning how to hold space for both

Aug 30th to Sept 1st. Investment Single Weekend 650 USD. 

1000 USD for both 

Location: In the enchanting southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Brännö, Sweden. Our package includes delicious and nourishing meals, as well as comfortable room accommodations. Please feel free to ask for more details. 

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