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Master your breath — the key to success 

Breathing is the most basic rhythm of life. Everything we experience is related to that basic rhythm, therefore using your breath consciously is the most important master-key to any transformational process you wish to go through. Our subconscious survival mechanism controls almost all the decisions we make and drives us to repeat certain patterns over and over again. Some of these patterns serve us well but many others limit us since they are related to past traumatic events we have experienced.

Gaining the knowledge and practice of conscious breathing will allow you to see for yourself what isn’t serving you well and let go of it.

  • Why do I keep on reacting the same way in my relationships?
  • Why do I feel stuck and not able to change my life?
  • Why do I experience anxiety or depression? 

By learning how to relax in stressful situations you will be able to overcome your automatic “defense-mode” and make conscious choices. You have the power to heal and transform your life and it’s time to learn how to use it. During the classes you will experience the healing power of various breathing techniques designed to help you relax, gain clarity and release the urge to repeat limiting patterns.

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