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The EQ GYM LIVE Private Session

Blaming, shaming, explaining, defending, dramatizing, lying, controlling, criticizing, judging, denying, escaping, passive aggression: behaviors that are signs that we are not in contact with the root cause of our fear. The place where each of us holds wounds, denied emotions and suppressed memories looks different. We are normally not even aware of the existence of fear, we only sense it by feeling easily stressed, restless, frustrated and worried.

We, as humans, mask our pain to save face, and when we do so, we actually lose our true face and become inauthentic. Perhaps we don’t do this consciously – rather it all happens unconsciously. The EQ GYM invites you to resist the temptation to withdraw and nurse your wounds behind the scenes or to completely deny and bury them even deeper. Instead, we invite you to bring your emotions and your current state into this emotional gym and rework them with your personal trainer and coach in a one-on-one session.

The EQ GYM LIVE Group Workshop

The EQ GYM believes that interacting with others can help you gain a much greater understanding of yourself, supported by a variety of exercises.

Being part of a group of individuals who have the same experiences, helps you recognize that what somebody is going through is universal and that they are not alone. Sharing feelings and experiences with a group of people can help relieve shame and guilt, and move you into a new arena of personal creativity and self-expression.The setting is safe and supportive, allowing group members to explore themselves without the fear of failure.

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