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The subconscious is where the majority of our pain and unresolved trauma is buried but, as a means of protection, our conscious mind hinders us from going to the root of the suffering. As a consequence, suppressed emotions grow unnoticed and eventually burst into our conscious awareness in the form of negative feelings like stress, anxiety, shame, frustration or problematic behavior patterns. In order to overcome the unpleasant symptoms, we have to collaborate with the subconscious to heal the root.

The EQ GYM is using different transcendent techniques to release these suppressed emotions. Active meditation, which works by changing the pace and rhythm of your breath, is probably the most effective, natural technique to reach a transcendent state of mind. As breathing is the body’s own medicine, this breathwork technique is ranked the number one most healing method of all times by highly recognized meditators. And the best part is: it’s available to all of us.

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