How high is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
Emotional intelligence stands for how aware we are about our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how we can master those three elements in a healthy and loving way towards ourselves and others.

The EQ GYM test is based on Jungian Philosophy, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavior analysis. We also use the advanced technology of S.C.I.O and Nuvision. This technique is well known and used by psychotherapists, and other professionals around the world to identify their client’s physical and emotional state through a scan of their field.

This test combines three elements to get you a holistic view of who you are:
  • We look at the client’s awareness around their thoughts, emotions and behaviors by WHAT they have answered.
  • With our analytical expertise we then look at HOW they have answered and if the WHAT and the HOW are in coherence and alignment.
  • Lastly, we use computerized kinesiology to read information directly from the Quantum Field (quantum entanglement) to get more information about what is in the unconscious field of our clients.


This unique technique provides an interface between the conscious and unconscious minds and is what makes our test able to go deeper than an original self-assessment test found today.

Once you complete the test you will get a full EQ analysis and a tailor-made development plan on how to do the EQ GYM steps and how to balance your body's energy fields.

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