The Deepening


Unleash your inner power and awaken your true essence at The Deepening, a transformative two-day workshop that dives straight into the heart of personal growth and self-discovery. Experience the potent synergy of three layers of medicine – Plant Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Group Healing – expertly interwoven to ignite your passion for deep emotional healing.


Plant Medicine:

Tap into nature's wisdom through the intentional practice of microdosing. Harness the power of psychedelic substances, like psilocybin mushrooms or other plant-based remedies, to elevate your mood, amplify your creativity, and strengthen your mental well-being. Trust our experienced facilitators to guide your journey safely and purposefully.

Energy Medicine:

Delve into the electrifying world of somatic work and ignite your mind-body connection. Engage in dynamic exercises and energy healing practices that release stored emotions, traumas, and tensions, fueling your body with a renewed sense of harmony and vitality.


Group Sharing 

Experience the power of sharing in a safe and supportive group setting. Join us for a heartfelt conversations and meaningful connections. Through sharing our experiences and insights, we can gain new perspectives and insights, and discover the path to healing and understanding.


The Deepening invites you to immerse yourself in an intensely supportive and nurturing environment, where you'll forge powerful connections with yourself and others.

Location @ camp honey oak - Glendale. 

Saturday May 6th. 10am - 1pm 
Sunday 7th. 10am - 1pm
$77 / Day
Including medicine & healing

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