Group Workshops

Series 1: Master your breath

Starting: Jan 4th, 2021

In this course, you will learn how to improve your breathing and how to control your nervous system’s reactions.

Once you understand the power of your breath and practice the techniques you will discover the magnificent ability to use “mind over matter” and create significant-good changes in your life.

Literally breathtaking. I didn't know how much breath can affect us in our daily life and the power it can have if we use it right. I recommend everyone to join this course as it will change the way you look at breathing forever” — The EQ GYM member 

Series 2: How to be strong and vulnerable at the same time

Starting: Nov 2nd, 2020 & Feb 1st, 2021

In this course, you will learn to take ownership of your vulnerability.  

“When I started my EQ-program with April, the workshops were the only thing which I didn’t look forward to. I didn’t see the point in sharing my thoughts with others and certainly didn’t see how discovering likeness in issues would in any way calm me. I was so wrong. 

The workshops gave my soul searching for a whole new dimension. The connection with the others grew with every minute of every meeting. Whenever I learned something new about them – I learned something about myself. I have honestly rarely felt so deeply connected to myself and certainly not to people who in many ways should be total strangers to me. They were not” — The EQ GYM member

Series 3: Reclaiming Your Shadow

Starting: Dec 7th 2020 & Mar 1st 2021

In this course, you will learn the truths of the Shadow, its origin, and its purpose. 

The shadow was born with you and it picks up everything you cannot accept about yourself and all that you have put behind you. It holds all the disowned parts of you until you are ready to re-integrate them.

“Vanessa has both helped me see and release my shadow and most important integrate my vision of my Dream Life. I will forever be grateful for her full-hearted support in creating my own happiness” — The EQ GYM member