1:1 Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Program.

What are you looking to heal?

Often, trapped or stored emotions and energies within the body manifest as stubborn physical symptoms. To heal "those symptoms, we need to look at what is unseated behind it.

For example, if you or your parents carried a lot of shame throughout life, it can manifest as a need to hide your true self. You might feel ashamed of your appearance and fear judgment from others. These feelings can exacerbate and lead to physical symptoms, such as acne, symbolizing your reluctance to be seen for who you truly are and the need to be seen. The acne symbolizes shame and the need to be seen by ourselves with love. Therefore, acne is directly linked to self-love.

Let's consider another example: toxic masculinity. This is often experienced by individuals, especially women, who grew up without a supportive or absent father figure. It can lead to a burden of taking control and managing everything independently, eventually resulting in a lack of trust in others' support. These individuals may experience burnout or back pain, as the back symbolizes our support system. The body is signaling the need to address one's ability to receive support rather than grieving the absence of it. Therefore, back pain and burn out is directly linked to self-support

Regardless of the symptom, we can today understand how our stuck beliefs or emotions manifest in our bodies. Often, we carry multiple physical connected symptoms. When we comprehend how emotions and limiting beliefs are expressed physically, we can delve into the original wounds attached to them. This process involves seven steps and delves deep into a person's subconscious.

It is complex on many different levels. After living with something for an extended period, we establish a bond with it—even if it's a destructive relationship. A part of us wants it gone, while another part fears losing it because we've become accustomed to it. This inner conflict can hinder the healing process. Our program employs a method that compels the ego to surrender and empowers the vulnerable parts of us to emerge. Integration follows each breakthrough, occurring in every session.

The success of this program is guaranteed; we have witnessed enough cases to claim that. However, it depends on two factors: your commitment to healing and the clarity of your physical symptoms. The program's duration is one months and includes daily support, with many coaches working with you in each session, customized meditation exercises in various formats (print, video, and audio), a designated head coach for ongoing support. 


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