We truly believe together is the most effective way to work with yourself.

After 15 years of in- depth work and facilitating healing we have gathered our best practices and modalities that we have seen work best for ourselves and other people. It’s a mix between somatic healing work, ceremonial journeys and inner child work,  intentionally designed to be practiced together in a group. 


We invite you for 6 days of The Deepenings 3 layers of medicine. This retreat is here for you to give freedom to blockages in your body, to access a higher and more activated life force and to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

What’s included daily

Supportive plant journeys & sacred ritual (non-psychoactive + psychoactive microdoses)

Meditation, somatic exercises, constellation work. 

Connection with nature 

High frequency, nourishing organic food 

What is The Deepening about?

3 Layers of Medicine

  • Energy Work  - What are your emotions telling you? 
  • By now, we all know that we are what we think - still it's hard to grasp how much thoughts and feelings  affect our well being. When we can't observe our feelings with love we block the flow of our emotions in our bodies, we basically block our chakras. Chakras are directly connected to our health and wellness. Each chakra controls and regulates specific functions, organs, emotions, and experiences in our bodies. A blocked chakra causes imbalance in the entire body and can make you unwell. If a chakra is not working efficiently, the ability to absorb life force energy is reduced and the chakra begins to deplete or weaken organs and parts of the body that are connected with that chakra. Treating the chakras with breathwork, energy healing, nurturing food, movement, kundalini activation, ecstatic dance, plants, nature and elemental connection.

  •  Constellation Work - How deep do you want to connect? 
  • Our biggest urge and need as humans is attachment / connections and authenticity. We will explore sharing vulnerability in our never ending self-discovery. For those of you who are new to Constellation Work, it’s a form of self-discovery group therapy that explores the connection between traumatic events,  generational patterns and our current behaviors. It invites us to explore both known and unknown traumas and emotions and heal them with a new perspective. You can either take the stage as the main character / seeker or be a witness to another person's story. Both give the same amount of healing. Constellation Work is a role play exercise where you witness or experience  your own or someone else's trauma by channeling.  

  • Ceremonial Work - “Who holds the keys to consciousness?”
  • For centuries and across cultures, sacred ceremonies using plants were integral to collective well-being to build a relationship with plants, nature, and the spirits of our Earth. Indigenous people and many cultures believe all things are divine and have a soul. Through the rituals and ceremonies held in The Deepening we connect to this truth. We will sit with plants like psilocybin, hape’e, and ayahuasca in microdose sized formulation and with plants like Cacao, Holy Basil, Rose, and Damiana in tea ceremonies. 



    Who are the Caregivers

    April Wickstrom who has 15 years of experience in helping clients, all over the world, to consciously feel and release unwanted feelings for a better life energy flow. She works successfully with the terms  inner child, shadow and light work. (Emotional and trauma releases  / practice expansion) 

    Melissa Keller will be your medicine guide to gain wisdom about how different sacred plants can support you during your self discovery journey. The plants Melissa is working with are medicines for the entire wheel. Mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It may be gentle on the surface but deeper down within it causes huge shifts. Keller intuitively harvests and sits with you and the medicine to learn what you need support with beyond your consciousness. 

    Camille Mathis believes food is sacred and our daily medicine for optimal health and well-being. Her intuitive cooking is influenced by the concept of a true human diet.  She believes true food can heal the spirit and the body for any person. Offerings are sugar, dairy, gluten, preservative free, all organic, ketogenic, micro/macro nutrient rich deliciousness.

    The Deepening Retreat Menu 

    Meals are prepared with the highest frequency food. Micro & Macro nutrient rich organic foods for optimal health and well-being.  Menu is sugar, dairy, gluten and preservative free.