Gather with us to do the deep work in The Deepening Retreat

In essence, we all share similar wounds and patterns, and we are not unique in our behaviors and triggers. Still our journeys back to the heart look different.

  The Deepening offers a way for you to meet your programmed limited beliefs and to step into a space of surrender, allowance, acceptance, and ultimately loving all of yourself. 

We mix cognitive therapy, somatic work, and shamanism, intentionally designed to be practiced together in a group.

We truly believe this mix is the most effective way to work with yourself.

Experience 1-5 days of powerful healing modalities such as Creative Constellation, meditation and non-psychoactive plant ceremonies.

  What’s included:


2 Supportive Sacred Plant Journeys

Meditation, embodiment practices, somatic exercises, emotional release

Time in nature and in sacred ritual

Nurturing and organic food

A safe container for you to be held 


April Wickstrom 
The former executive coach ( ICF Credential, CTI - ACC Certified ) April Wickstrom transformed her life to become a transformative coach. Through 10 years of professional coaching and shadow work she gained a deep understanding of how we store emotions in our bodies and how to feel and release them for a deeper well-being. Her embodied trauma releases sessions are an invitation to vulnerably explore and play in all our different emotional stages. She uses techniques such as channeling, healing and intuition to tune into you and to truly see what you need help releasing. April has work with well-known artist and leaders around the world and is currently based in L.A  

Melissa Keller 
The former top model Melissa Keller transformed her life to be a medicine woman, artist, and creator. She has a deep relationship with our Earth and holds sacred space in ceremony for others using plants. Her guided medicin journeys are a way to receive the wisdom of scared plants, connect to oneself, to remember how to be supported and nourished, and an invitation to explore Earth’s healing playground from within.
 L.A Oct 8th. 
L.A Dec 10th 
California Nov 19th - 23th
Costa Rica Jan 31st - Feb 4th 



Annica Medici - Holistic Wellness Coach. 
"When you go to a retreat you want to be held, you want to be taken deep. You can only go as far as the facilitators can take you. I have done a lot in this area and I must say, April and Melissa are gems. They both walk their talk by being really committed in their daily life and have done a lot of work on themselves. Their retreat gave change and healing for me and I will treasure the memory of it always. The intimacy between us all in the group, the fantastic food, the beautiful place, the magic of ritual and plant medicine. But most of all their wisdom, clarity, sensitivity and ability to be present and connected made it all possible. Also cred to their toolbox. They managed to weave in the most efficient methods today into one seamless magical week. If you can just GO, it will be the best you have ever done for yourself!”  
Jenny Axelsson - Mental Coach. 
"It is almost impossible to summarize in words what an incredible experience this retreat was. I never experienced anything like it - this retreat is completely unique, both in its variety of components regarding meditation, breathwork, group exercises, plant medicine journeys and so much more. Everything together took me to a safe place within myself, so I was able to really explore and plunge down in myself in a deep way, but without fear. The participants of this retreat quickly became like a small trusting family where it was okay to be vulnerable and let your shadows show. That accepting and loving environment the group co-created was so beautiful and important for all the unraveling that took place. For the leaders of this retreat – April and Melissa. I will never forget the completely amazing synergy that they created together. They were unbelievably synchronized in their collaboration, energy, empathy, joy and love that they put out together. I am deeply moved and impressed how they could hold space for so many deep journeys that took place over several days. They made the whole experience feel so safe and trusting, from beginning to end. This retreat has given me so many deep insights about myself, my life and my path forward. It was truly intense and raw but so loving, accepting, and beautiful. And the food! I have no words for how incredible the food was – and the amazing location out in the woods. Just all the carefully thought-out details that made this retreat one of a kind. With my whole heart, I deeply recommend anyone with a courageous heart, to take part in any retreat that April and Melissa are co-creating!" 
Henrietta Lundblad - Writer 
"The Deepening was a rollercoaster of emotions as Melissa and April guided us through all our highs and lows. The tea ceremonies, meditations, breathworks, sharing, screaming, crying and laughter combined all brought deep insight and emotions that lasted long after the week was over. I am truly thankful for this journey and would recommend it to anyone in need of transformation or contemplation" 
Aida Chehrehgosha - Artist. 
"For a couple of years I have persistently attended April workshops and worked on my personal development. During these years, I have been strengthened in a way that I never thought was possible. I have been challenged and lifted to a level that makes me proud in a profound way. And on my journey I got to know Melissa. Her competence has lifted my inner curiosity to new heights. Grateful is a word that is not enough here"  
Sheree Small - Designer
“My experience with Melissa and April was wonderful. I felt after the session I was feeling a release of a lot of pain and I had much more energy to move though my life with more conviction. Releasing the pent-up anger was something I needed to explore and I feel I have been able to communicate more effectively with those around me since. The food was great and I believe April and Melissa to truly be wonderful healers with great breadth of knowledge to support healing and transformation within our bodies and minds.”
 Amanda - Writer
“My day working with the emotion of anger was surprisingly like experiencing a big warm hug. Starting with the guided connection with nature, and the safe container of Melissa’s beautiful home, to the sumptuous food, to the thoughtfully interactive exercises and especially, the music/soundscape, I felt so held. Exactly what my inner child needed – and what my adult self still needs to this day! Melissa and April gracefully helped me welcome back parts of myself that had been buried.”
Chanel Faltin
"The Deepening Retreat is the best investment I have ever made. April and Melissa helped me to see my wounds and release many of my blocks. I now understand my triggers and my emotions, and I can listen to my body's signals.Today my heart is open and I am more calm and joyful. I am embracing this new journey each day with self love and compassion"




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