If you want to feel good, you need to be willing to feel ALL your emotions. Not only the good ones. 
We invite you to an emotional playground for one full week. To feel, understand, and give freedom to your emotions. You will be held using embodiment practices, somatics, creativity, play, and sacred, non-psychoactive tea ceremonies. 
 What is your relationship to your own emotions? 
Do you sometimes find yourself angry at yourself for being angry? Are you ashamed of being afraid? Do you love yourself when you are sad? Do you allow yourself to explore and play? Do you truly know how deep you allow yourself to connect with others? 
If you want to get to know the parts of you that are angry, sad, scared, and ashamed, and create a loving relationship with that part, then this WEEK is for you! 
We will offer a way for you to meet your stored emotions and to step into a space of surrender, allowance, acceptance, and ultimately loving all of yourself. 
This playground is for everybody.
 All are welcome to enjoy this safe and unique exploration. Awaken and nourish what's inside of you. What it looks like:  You will gain wisdom and awareness on how to transform your emotions. Each day includes sacred tea meditations to weave in the wisdom of our plant allies, to build supportive relationships with these sacred medicines and to be nourished and held while we journey through our emotions and our lives. 

What’s included:


2 Supportive Sacred Tea Journeys

Meditation, embodiment practices, somatic exercises, emotional release

Time in nature and in sacred ritual

Nurturing and organic food

A safe container for you to be held

Love and support

Accommodations for 5 nights & 6 days



  Melissa Keller The former top model Melissa Keller, transformed her life to be a medicine woman, artist and creator. She has a deep relationship with Earth's plants and holds sacred space in ceremony for others who would like to connect with the wisdom of our plant allies. Her guided tea journeys are a way to receive the wisdom of sacred plants, to remember how to be supported and nourished, and an invitation to play in Earth's healing playground.

April Wickstrom The former fashion director and executive coach April Wickstrom transformed her life to become a meditation and somatic teacher. She has a deep understanding of how we store emotions in our bodies and how to feel and release them for a deeper well being. Her embodied trauma releases sessions are an invitation to vulnerable explore and play in all of our different emotional stages. 


Sweden June 11th-16th

 11th Explore Shame

 12th Explore Anger 

 13th Explore Sadness

 14th Explore Fear

 15th Explore Joy

 16th Explore Love 

Workshops are hold in English but you are welcome to speak Swedish. 

Full retreat $1600-$2030

Day pass $250

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