Money & Home Manifestation Retreat.

Money & Home Manifestation Retreat.

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June 24th 12am  -26th 6pm @ Töcksfors, Värmland County, Sweden. All inclusive.  

Money is considered masculine. If you want to attract or retain wealth, you need to examine your relationship with the masculine, represented by your father.

Reflect on how you earned your father's love or what your relationship with him was like. It's likely similar to your relationship with money.

Imagine Lena: her father was never present, making her feel unworthy. In her adult life, money is also absent, reinforcing feelings of unworthiness. She has the same relationship with money as she had with her father.

Now, consider Martin. He had to work hard for his father's attention and love. Today, as a CEO, he works constantly for his money.

If you want to understand your relationship with money, you need to examine your relationship with the first masculine figure in your life – your dad.

Also, consider any feelings tied to money in your household. How did your parents feel around money, excited or worried? Did you feel guilty receiving because your parents struggled with money? Those original feelings affect your vibration around money today. To manifest money, you both need to see your current feelings around money and work on changing this relationship to light and fun. Plus, move your spirit around the stagnant relationship with masculinity.


In this 3-day, 2-night retreat, we are working with both aspects of the masculine and feminine. We explore the manifestation of money (masculine) and our home (feminine). We delve into the relationships we have with earning our father's love and whether we feel safe with our mother. This is a deep, transformative retreat where we gain a profound understanding of our manifestation with money and our dream home

Facilitator April Wickstrom is a highly sought-after energy worker, healer, and trauma-informed coach with over a decade of experience in facilitating profound healing for individuals and Fortune 500 companies alike. She seamlessly integrates cognitive understanding of wounds, defense mechanisms, and programming with abstract healing modalities, creating a holistic approach that caters to the unique needs of each client. Embodying the perfect balance of divine masculine and feminine energies.