Self Power Class (OCMC)

Self Power Class (OCMC)

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One Client Many Coaches - Healing Class. 
Duration: 90 min.

Are you experiencing any persistent physical discomfort such as PMS, acne, hair loss, allergies, knee problems, lower back pain, or throat issues, etc.?

Physical symptoms, as we know, can arise for various reasons, including diet, lifestyle, sickness or accidents. However, we believe these physical issues might be your body's way of communicating something that requires your attention. It could involve trapped emotions, unconscious unhealthy patterns, or even ancestral trauma.

To explore, understand and let go of this pain, we've brought together a group of many coaches, each with their own specialized viewpoint. Through a collective 90-minute session, this method strives to offer a 360 degree healing approach. 

If you find this intriguing, you're welcome to observe these sessions every Monday on Zoom, as a witness or the client referred to as the seeker. A participant will be selected to be the client, experiencing this multi-coach healing firsthand.

If you're interested in a more private experience, without 'witnesses', For any queries you may have, contact us at

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