Collection: Groundwork Meditation


Naturally, the role of the ego is to protect us from threats. You can think of the ego — or rational mind — as the soldier who is eternally on guard. Our egos — like soldiers — have a number of weapons. These weapons are called defense mechanisms. Common examples of defense mechanisms that our egos use to keep us “safe” include denial, projection, splitting, judging, blaming, and repression.

Entering a state that induces the death of ego is a powerful way to explore, embrace, and heal certain parts of ourselves which our egos have prevented us from exploring or facing. In fact, healing can only happen when you let go of the ego.

The essence of meditations is a practice to leave your ego and the rational mind and reconnect with your true self, without weapons, in a safe environment. It can feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and challenging but, with time, wonderful and magical.

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